Part I: The Treasure of Haider Kalan
3. Questions in the Dusk
4. Questions in the Dark
5. Verses
6. The Fakir

Part II: The Caesar Cipher
7. The Letters
8. The Plot Thickens
9. A Tale of Two Meals
10. The Investor
11. Udaipur
12. The Last Leaf
13. The Grave
14. Coconut
15. On Writing

Part III: The Fakir Who Came in from the Cold
17. A Small Incident
18. The Fakir Who Came in from the Cold
19. The Men of the Ninth Company
20. Sons and Fathers
21. The Milky-eyed Beggar
23. An Emperor’s Ransom
24. On the Trail of Iqbal

Part IV: The Great Moghul
25. Red Earth
26. Johnny Walker
27. Jagat
28. The Sealed Tube
29. Fifty Pieces, More or Less
30. Bungalee Partners Limited
31. The Great Moghul

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A Note on the Author

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